Event Objective

The objective of the International Coal Preparation Congress (ICPC) is to provide a global forum where policy makers, corporates, professionals, subject experts and allied stakeholders from around the world meet and deliberate upon latest developments in the related fields, cutting edge technologies and recommend a country - specific plan of action to the best advantage to the local situation keeping in view socio economic environment prevailing in the country .To accomplish this, the ICPC blends technical programmes with Industry visits with the following main objectives:

To learn, identify and plan to procure and adapt state of art, cost effective, simple and easy to implement and operate coal processing technologies most suitable to Indian coal.

To showcase the strength and future vision of the Indian Coal Mining industry across the globe with a view to attract developers, investors and manufacturers to set up facilities in tune with 'Make in India' and 'Skill India' initiatives by the Government.

Industry Scenario

Notwithstanding the Paris climate change change treaty, according to data recently released by the International Energy Agency, there was an increase in global coal consumption last year after two straight years of decline. According to the IEA, coal’s share in power generation across Southeast Asia is expected to grow from 35% today to 40% by 2040. Alongside its vital role in electricity generation, coal is crucial for building modern infrastructure such as transport systems and high-rise buildings, supporting urbanization and global economic development. 

Indian coal deposits are of 'Drift Origin'. Due to their veryrgeneric natureailtheash.comcontent is high varying between 22% and 45%, and may go up to even 50 percent. Predominance of coal production from open cast mining leads to further deterioration of the quality of run of mine coal due to 'out of seam' dilution.

Coal production in FY 2017-18 was about 690 million tonnes (mt) and demand was about 870 mt. Domestic coal production is set to grow to over 1000 mt in next couple of years. Presently, the installed coal washing capacity in the country is about 145 mt per annum and it is projected to increase to over 350mt by 2019. In view of the stringent guidelines promulgated by the Indian Government mandating use of coal having ash content of 34% and below for any user unit located more than 500 kms for the mine source, there is a huge gap in washing capacity giving rise to tremendous investment and expansion opportunities in the area of Coal Preparation.


Participant’s & Exhibitor’s Profile

Governments, Policy Makers, Corporates, International Multilateral Institutions.

Coal Producers, Traders, Consumers, Academia, R&D Institutions.

Consultancy Firms, Financial Institutions and Investments Advisers, Stock Market Players etc.

Manufacturers of Coal Mining, Coal Washing Equipment, Earth Moving Machinery.

Manufacturers of Material Handling Equipment, Transport Equipment, Coal Sampling, Testing and Allied Systems

Organisations engaged in Mining and Processing of Coal, Minerals and other Value Adding Systems.

Organisations engaged in providing the entire gamut of Geological and Geophysical information: Resource Assessment, Remote Sensing and Spatial Applications, Mine Planning, Design and Services etc.

Manufacturers, Suppliers and Traders of Magnetite, Flocculants and Allied Coal Processing Additives.

Companies and institutions engaged in handling, disposal and economic utilisation of washery waste and fly ash generated by power plants.

Organisations dealing in Conversion of Coal, Coal to Liquids and Gases, Coal Chemicals and Petro Substitutes, Plastics, Carbon Materials, Underground Coal Gasification, CBM, CMM etc.

And other Organisations, Professionals and Stakeholders in Coal and Allied Industries.

ATA Carnet

(Facility for Oversea Exhibitors) Under ATA Carnet Overseas exhibitors will be allowed duty free import of exhibits to display at the Exhibition,subject to re-export within six months.

Topics to be covered:

  • Coal resources and coal industry etc.
  • Coal preparation plant design, new emerging and adaptive technologies.
  • Deep coal processing technologies, gravity concentration methods.
  • Dry coal separation, crushing, grinding, screening, sizing and specifications.
  • Quality control, automation and IT applications.
  • Industry specific coal sampling and analytical techniques, new developments.
  • Environmental production, utilization and disposal of coal washery wastes etc.
  • HELE, coal combustion and utilization technologies, gasification, coal chemicals etc.
  • The above list is only indicative. Papers on any contemporary topic are welcome.

Timeline for submission:

  • Last date for submission of : 1st October 2018 Abstracts to CPSI
  • Final acceptance of: 15th  November 2018 Abstracts by the IOC
  • Conveying the acceptance of: 15th November 2018 Abstracts to the Authors
  • Last date for submission of : 21st January 2019 full text of the papers
  • Last date for paper reviews : 15th March 2019 to be sent to authors.
  • Last date for final version of : 1st April 2019 papers from authors 

Guidelines for Authors 

Proper and clear guidelines to the prospective authors, including template will be issued/put on

 Length of the papers shall be restricted to 6 to 8 A 4 size pages.

 All papers must be submitted in TEXT and in Word Format only. Power point presentations and Pdf files shall not be accepted. Papers incorporating folded pages would also be liable to rejected.

Size of ABSTRACTS should be limited to about 250 words. Colour photographs, diagrams and figures are encouraged


 Sponsorship opportunities:



«Early Bird»

Before 28th Feb 2019


Shell Scheme

USD 260 Per Sq.m

USD 300 Per Sq.m

Raw Space

USD 235 Per Sq.m

USD 275 Per Sq.m

Indoor Raw Space with basic facilities ( minimum 18 Exhibitors can adopt designs of their choice with approval of the organizers.

 Built up Octonorm Shell Scheme Stand ( minimum 6 / 9 including standard requirements.

Exhibition layout and other details are available on

*GST (taxes) as applicable is extra.



«Early Bird»

Before 28th Feb 2019

Date Line 1

1st March 2019 - 31st May 2019

Date Line 2

1st June 2019 – 31st Aug 2019 

Date Line 3

Post 1st Sept2019


USD 450

USD 500

USD 550

USD 600


USD 405

USD 450

USD 495

USD 540

Indian Delegate

INR 20000

INR 22000

INR 24000

INR 25000

Presenter/Author Indian

INR 15000

INR 17000

INR 19000

INR 20000

Accompanying person




USD 250

*IOC Member Registration fee : USD 450

- Local city tours only for registered accompained persons will be complimentary.

- Site seeing tours to Agra, Jaipur and other such place will be handled by the travel group. Delegates willing to join these trips at their own cost may contact travel assistance at

- Technical tours to Ranchi and Nagpur will be arranged only on requset and prior payment of travel cost etc. Visit for more details.

Main objectives of CPSI are to act as a facillitator in policy formulation for coal beneficiation and preparation, to provide an effective interface amongst coal producers, consumers, coal washery operators, technical and research organizations, venture capitalists both domestic and international and to encourage any innovative idea which can promote these actions. Coal Preparation Society of India (CPSI) is a non-profit, non-government professional body having memebers from coal, power, iron and steel sector and their allied industries. CPSI has been dedicatedly promoting washing of high ash domestic coal to improve its quality and facilitate usage in higher efficiency power generating systems. Such efforts will lead to a more environment friendly usage of coal as a source of energy. CPSI is a front runner in the promotion of use of washed coal in India



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